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Bloor Collegiate Institute

LAST UPDATE: July 5 2021

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photo credit, courtesy of Bob Krawczyk

photo credit, courtesy of Bob Krawczyk

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New development plans to integrate facade of Bloor Collegiate Institute


Name & Location
Bloor Collegiate Institute
1141 Bloor Street West
Dufferin Grove, Toronto


1927: School completed.
1924: Separate building purchased from T. Eaton Company and converted into a gymnasium.
1938: Addition consisting of classrooms and a library.
1949: Addition of two gymnasiums, an auditorium and dressing/shower rooms designed by C.E. Cyril Dyson. 
1964: Addition of new classrooms as well as renovations of the existing buildings.

The land on which the school was built was bought from Captain John E. Denison who had received it as a gift from Lord Simcoe, the Governor at the time. TDSB Land Parcel includes Bloor Collegiate Institute, Kent Senior Public School, and Brockton High School.

As documented in a June 20, 2016 TDSB Community Meeting Update, TDSB  approved the selling off 7.3 acres of the land area of the former Kent Public School and a portion of the Bloor CI site. Proceeds from the sale of this 7.3 acres will go towards retrofit projects in TDSB schools. Brockton Collegiate Institute will be renovated and reopened as the new Bloor CI serving TDSB's secondary students in this area from Bloor CI and ALPHA II Alternative School. (see Source #9)
In 2017, Capital Developments and Metropia submitted a re-development application for the lands on the southwest corner of Bloor and Dufferin Streets containing two school buildings (Bloor C.I. and Kent Public School) into a mixed-use site. The existing historic Kent Senior Public School would be largely retained and restored. 
1141 Bloor Street West was Designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act on 17 December 2019. 


Year Completed:

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Current use:

Designated under Part IV Ontario Heritage Act

Main Style:


1949 C.E. Cyril Dyson


  1. Relocation of Bloor CI and ALPHA II into the Brockton Building
    Author - Toronto District School Board/ Toronto Lands Corporation
    Date - Thursday, November 14, 2013
    Notes -

    TDSB will invest $12-14 million into renovations of the Brockton
    building to accommodate the programs of Bloor CI and ALPHA

    More information

  2. Bloor & Dufferin
    Author - Capital Developments
    Notes -

    Aerial renderings show at Bloordufferin.com

    More information

  3. Visioning group issuing survey for Bloor-Dufferin community hub
    Author - BLOOR WEST VILLAGER; Toronto.com
    Date - MAR 07, 2017
    Notes -

    Visioning group issuing survey for Bloor-Dufferin community hub

    Bloor-Dufferin Community Hub<
    More information

  4. Toronto Lands Corporation Property Inventory November 2018 PDF
    Author - Toronto Lands Corporation
    Date - November 2018
    Page - 5
    Notes -

    Redevelopment Projects-Bloor/Dufferin, North York, 7.3 acres,
    In progress. Purchased by Capital Developments. Site not yet closed as 30,000 sqft is
    being developed into a community hub

    More information

  5. Public and Private Realm Changes at Bloor-Dufferin Proposal
    Author - Louis-Thomas Kelly, UrbanToronto.ca
    Date - July 17, 2018
    Notes -

    ... Designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects, with Giannone Petricone Associates consulting on the retail design, landscape architects gh3, and heritage specialists ERA Architects, the Bloor & Dufferin redevelopment would see the construction of 9 n
    More information

  6. Bloor College Institute
    Author - Toronto District School Board
    Notes -

    TDSB web page

    More information

  7. Bloor-Dufferin development to get provincial affordable housing money
    Author - RAHUL GUPTA, Toronto.com
    Date - MAY 30, 2018
    Notes -

    Bloor and Dufferin Development

    A development application calls for several mixed-use bu

  8. New school and 30,000-square foot community hub planned for Bloor-Dufferin area
    Author - Tania Mehta, CBC News·
    Date - Dec 08, 2016
    Notes -

    A replacement high school will also be built on the site of Brockton High School, which has been closed for a number of years. The proposed space will be the new home for the Bloor Collegiate Institute and Alpha II Senior Alternative School. It will ac
    More information

  9. Shaping the Future of TDSB Lands at Bloor & Dufferin COMMUNITY UPDATE To support discussions at June 20, 2016 Community Meeting
    Author - Toronto District School Board
    Notes -

    Bloor and Dufferin is an important intersection in our growing city. There are 7.3 acres of Toronto
    District School Board (TDSB) property that have been declared surplus on the southeast corner (see
    area outlined in white abo
    More information

  10. Details Emerge For Major Redevelopment at Bloor & Dufferin
    Author - Julian Mirabelli
    Date - September 28, 2017
    Notes - Urban Toronto article about the redevelopment of the school land.
    More information

  11. Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Canada 1800-1950
    Author - Robert G. Hill
    Notes -

    Dyson, Charles Edmund Cyril entry; Bloor Collegiate Institute.

    More information

  12. Development Applications
    Author - City of Toronto
    Notes -

    Detailed information on redevelopment plans.

    More information

  13. Secondary Schools: A to F
    Author - The Ontario Genealogical Society (Toronto Branch)
    Notes -

    Year completed; additions.

    More information


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