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Ontario Place; Cinesphere

LAST UPDATE: July 5 2021

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photo credit, courtesy of Bob Krawczyk

photo credit, courtesy of Bob Krawczyk

At risk status:
This building is at risk


Watch The History of Ontario Placea new video exploring the architecture of Ontario Place, brought to you by ACO Toronto and Old Toronto Series.

Concerns about the future of Ontario Place have re-emerged early in 2019 after Jim Ginou, re-appointed board chair of Ontario Place, stated: “There is nothing that can be saved. Because it has to be rebuilt, it can be rebuilt in any way that [Doug] Ford wants it to be rebuilt.”

Mid-January 2018: The Provincial government opened the site to international proposals for redevelopment. The guidelines dictate that the land will not be sale but available for long-term lease. Other restrictions include no residential development and a requirement to keep 7.5 acres (of the site´s total 155 acres) of park land. Proposals can incorporate part or all of the space (except for the Budweiser Stage), putting the Cinesphere at risk.

May 28, 2019: Michael Tibollo (Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport) made an announcement at Ontario Place, re-opening the global call for submissions to develop the Ontario Place site. Minister Tibollo referred to Ontario Place as a ´diamond in the rough´ and outlined a vision to revive the site into a destination for locals, Canadians, and tourists. Minister Tibollo reassured that this redevelopment would not include residential units or casinos. The deadline for proposals is September 3, 2019. The Call for Development informational package posted to ontarioplacedevelopment.com outline that the majority of the Ontario Place site is open to redevelopment: "The areas available for development include the entirety of the East Island, the West Island, the mainland, the pod complex, and the Cinesphere cinema. There are no limitations on the use and / or retention of existing assets on Site, with the exception of the Budweiser Stage, as set out below." When asked whether the construction could impact the Cinesphere, Minister Tibollo reiterated that all options are on the table. This means that the architecture and landscape architecture of the site is still at risk of demolition and redevelopment. At the announcement, there was no mention of the City of Toronto Council approving the addition of Ontario Place to the Heritage Property Register earlier in May. 

July 8 2019: John Alschuler, Chairman of HR&H Advisors in NYC, has helped develop waterfront plans for cities around the world. He spoke with CBC Metro Morning´s Matt Galloway about Ontario Place and approaches to its redevelopment ahead of a meeting in Toronto with City officials and experts to discuss the future of the site.

October 29 2019: Ontario Place is one of 25 sites added to the World Monuments Fund's 2020 World Monuments Watch list of at-risk sites of historical significance. ACO's Bill Greaves made the nomination. See Ontario Place's listing here.

View sources at the bottom of this page for more information and articles about the threat to Ontario Place. Slides from Ken Greenberg´s Alternative Futures: Ontario Place and Exhibition Place Ambitions and Vulnerabilities presentation at the Rally for Ontario Place (January 12, 2019) can be viewed through this link.

Name & Location
Ontario Place; Cinesphere
5 Burnfield Avenue Lake Shore Boulevard West
Niagara, Toronto


1969: Canadian Architect Award

  • Award of Excellence.

1999: Ontario Association of Architects Awards

  • 25-Year Award.


Alternate names:
The Bubble


Ontario Place\'s Cinesphere opened in 1971 and was the first permanent IMAX theatre in the world. It is a 35-metre-wide, triodetic dome constructed from steel and aluminium tubes. 

Ontario Place was a project designed to revitalize Toronto\'s waterfront. The site consisted of over 90 acres of artifically-made islands and lagoons. A break-water was formed using sunken ships. 

In 2011, a renovation of the Cinepshere was completed by Gow Hastings Architects. The main theatre, lobbies, projection booth, sound system, concession stand, and visitor amenities were renovated. The facility was closed in 2012, but re-opened in 2017 and continues to show films.

This building won a Canadian Architect Award of Excellence in 1969, and an Ontario Association of Architects 25-Year Award in 1999. In 2017, the Cinesphere, along with the Pods, received the Prix du XXe Siècle from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the National Trust. 

The Cinepshere was designated a structure of Cultural Heritage Value in 2014 by the province of Ontario. This designation reflects both the context of the complex\'s construction and its design. The complex is an excellent example of modern expressionism in Ontario, notably the geometric design of the Cinesphere and Pods.

On May 14, 2019, Toronto City Council carried a motion to include Ontairo Place on the Heritage Property Register. 

On October 29, 2019 it was placed on the World Monuments Fund 2020 Watch list


Year Completed:

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Main Style:
Mid-century Expressionist   <--  More buildings in this style.



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  19. From the beginning, Ontario Place was about the future
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  20. On the Ontario Place for Canada´s Centennial Project
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    Notes - Ontario Place architect Eb Zeidler speaks about the original vision for Ontario Place, the Centennial project he designed.Link to video recording of the talk in ´More Information´. Slides from the talk in document section below. 
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  24. Alternative Futures: Ontario Place and Exhibition Place Ambitions and Vulnerabilities
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  27. Can Ontario Place be saved from Doug Ford?
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    Notes - Now Toronto article about the threat to Ontario Place and if and how it can be saved. 
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  28. Toronto Star:Majority of Toronto residents want public waterfront access at Ontario Place — not a casino, poll finds
    Author - David Rider
    Date - January 28, 2019
    Notes - Torontonians overwhelmingly want easy public access to the Ontario Place waterfront, something not guaranteed in the Doug Ford government’s redevelopment plan. 
    Document - Majority of Toronto residents want public waterfront
    More information

  29. Toronto Star Editorial:
    Notes - The long-awaited revitalization of Ontario Place doesn’t have to start with the roar of bulldozers demolishing what’s already there. In fact, it most decidedly shouldn’t. Instead, the rejuvenation of the once-
    More information

  30. Globe and Mail: How Toronto Sunk its Own Little Venice
    Author - Dave LeBlanc
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    Notes - How Toronto sunk its own little Venice Open this photo in gallery Architect Eberhard Zeidler, far left, unveils Harbour City, a proposed residential development at Ontario Place, in 1969. 
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  36. Cirque du Soleil coming to Ontario Place this fall
    Author - Robert Benzie
    Date - February 11, 2019
    Notes - Toronto Star article announcing that Cirque du Soleil will be performing 80-90 shows at Ontario Place starting at the end of summer 2019.  Article quotes Doug Ford, who claims that this is a step to "bring family-oriented entertainment and excitement
    More information

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    Document - Inclusion on the City of Toronto´s Heritage Register –955 Lake Shore Boulevard West (Ontario Place)
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  40. Toronto staff recommends listing Ontario Place on city´s heritage register
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    Document - Toronto Waterfront Opportunity: Ontario Place Call for Development
    More information

  43. Expert advice on what to keep at Ontario Place
    Author - Matt Galloway, CBC Metro Morning
    Date - 8 July 2019
    Notes - John Alschuler, Chairman of HR&H Advisors in NYC, has helped develop waterfront plans for cities around the world. He´s in Toronto to meet with City officials and experts to discuss the future of Ontario Place.
    More information

  44. 2020 World Monuments Watch
    Author - World Monuments Fund
    Date - 29 October 2019
    Notes - When it opened in 1971, Ontario Place gave Toronto’s citizens the opportunity to experience the city’s waterfront like they never had before. Creating a new urban amenity was envisioned as a celebration of Ontario’s cultural and economic
    More information

  45. Ontario Place added to international list of ‘at-risk cultural heritage sites’
    Author - David Rider, Toronto Star
    Date - 29 October 2019
    More information

  46. Toronto Star: Reporting on Minister Macleod Speech to Economic Club
    Author - Robert Benzie
    Date - October 31, 2019
    Notes - The minister underscored the government’s hopes for redeveloping Ontario Place, which this week was placed on a list of world heritage sites that are at risk.
    “I think we can all agree that, for decades, Ontario Place was a crown jewel of thi
    More information

  47. ACO Board Member, Bill Greaves on Breakfast Television
    Date - November 1, 2019
    Notes - Why does Ontario Place need to be preserved?
    Bill Greaves from the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario explains why Ontario Place is on the list of sites that are endagered and need to be preserved.
    November 1, 2019 07:07
    More information

  48. Chapter on Ontario Place from Eberhard Zeidler Building Cities Life
    Author - Eberhard Zeidler
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    Notes - From two volume book on Eberhard Zeidler´s Life, describes the experience of the commission and construction of Ontario Place
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  49. Your Ontario Place Exhibition Panels
    Author - Urbanspace Gallery
    Date - 2012
    Notes - Exhibition timed to co-incide with the McGuinty governments review of the future of Ontario Place, chaired by John Tory. There was a companion open forum evening with various participants. At the time overdevelopment and a possible introduction of a casin
    Document - b59207b4d11ae19f03b37082241fa499.pdf

  50. Your Ontario Place, Exhibition Opening Invitation
    Author - Urbanspace Gallery
    Date - August 8, 2012
    Notes - Invitation to Your Ontario Place Exhibiiton and Opening, August 8, 2012
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  51. World Monuments Fund Watch Magazine-Extracts on Ontario Place
    Author - World Monuments Fund
    Date - November 2019
    Notes - World Monuments Fund Watch Magazine featured Ontario Place as one of eight of the 25 sites featured. The pdf. contains the magazine cover, the inside pages with all 25 sites featured, as well as the write up specific to Ontario Place
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    More information

  52. Daily Commercial News Article on WMF Announcement
    Author - DCN News Service
    Date - November 7, 2019
    Notes - Resulting from ACO Press Release publicizing the WMF announcement. 
    More information

  53. Economic Impact of Open Spaces
    Author - HR&A Advisors
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  54. Learning from Ontario Place: Ideas for the Future
    Author - Sharon VanderKaay
    Date - September 30, 2016
    Notes - What if we revitalized this spectacular place to feed our shared social and economic aspirations in ways that are innovative and exciting? What if Ontario Place was once again “a place to stand, a place to grow”—for Ontarians a
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  55. Open Ontario Place Park Exhibition
    Author - Max Allen
    Date - 2016
    Notes - An exhibition arguing for the re-opening of Ontario Place Parkland to the public.
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  56. Its Time for Ontario Place to Revive its Higher Purpose
    Author - Tye Farrow and Sharon VanderKaay
    Date - April 3, 2012
    Notes - 7 page report
     "The original soaring iconic design has been weighed down by a history of asking the 
    wrong operational questions. There’s a way to restore its extraordinary magic. "
    When Ontario Place opened it captured public imag
    Document - 1b83ef85ac68e8c78ee01ceee6ceeee5.pdf

  57. CTV Report:Ontario Place among list of 25 at-risk monuments in world
    Author - Katherine DeClerq
    Date - October 29, 2019
    Notes - TORONTO -- Ontario Place has been named among the list of 25 most at-risk monuments in the world.
    The World Monuments Fund (WMF), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving what they call “treasured places,” released their list of
    Document - f58dec73582db4b644d48789ad9e3af9.pdf
    More information

  58. ACO Press Release:
    Author - ACO Provincial Office
    Date - October 30, 2019
    Notes - ACO thrilled with Ontario Place´s inclusion on World Monuments Fund 2020 Watch
    Architectural Conservancy Ontario (ACO) is thrilled that Ontario Place has been selected for inclusion in
    the World Monuments Fund 2020 Watch. "Not only does the inclusion b
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  59. Premier John Robarts Speech
    Author - John P Robarts
    Date - November 3, 1970
    Notes - Speech made six months before the official opening date of Ontario Place, expressing Robarts intentions for Ontario Place, its meaning for Ontarians, hope for its future place in the life of the province and gratitude to its creators.
    Document - cc3833e815f085b3a0cddc249c5e04ff.pdf

  60. Globe and Mail: Expo 67 Legacy is Safe. What about Ontario Place
    Author - Alex Bozikovic
    Date - December 2, 2019
    Page - Online
    Notes - Part of the Expo site, now called Espace 67, recently received a full rebuild and remains public. Societeé du Parc Jean-Drapeau Half a century ago, Expo 67 showcased Canada at its boldest and most utopian. A few years later, that spirit travelled to Toronto with the opening of the waterfront Ontario Place. Today, those two sites face two very different futures. Part of the Expo site, now called Espace 67, recently received a full rebuild and remains public. But Ontario Place recently made the World Monuments Fund’s list of the 25 most endangered sites. One is a park, and the other could be sold for parts.
    Document - c2b30ef0f5d003a840bb43f6aff3feed.pdf
    More information

  61. Toronto Society of Architects Charrette results
    Author - TSA
    Date - March 30, 2019
    Notes -

    A message from the TSA Executive
    On March 30, 2019 the Toronto Society of Architects held a full day public design charrette on the future of Ontario Place. This charrette was done in fulfillment of our mandate to promote civic engagement on issues of design and architecture and in response to the Ontario government’s announcement of a new Expression of Interest seeking development concepts for Ontario Place. The following report summarizes the ideas and discussions generated during this exercise.
    While the explorations and proposals contained in this document showcase the almost endless possibilities for the site, they also highlight some fundamental shared visions for the future of this architectural and cultural landmark, namely:

    the existing built form, both architectural and landscape, are important and irreplaceable cultural assets which can and should be built upon;

    Ontario Place’s unique location on the shores of Lake Ontario should be the driving force behind any future development - utilizing this unique site to its maximum potential;

    public access to the lake and the shore should be prioritized and parkland preserved and expanded;

    the sustainability of Ontario Place lies beyond the islands, and involve a holistic understanding of the surrounding context including the mainland and neighbouring Exhibition Place;


    • prioritizing programming is key in reactivating the site; and

    • the future of Ontario Place needs to be a shared, multi-party vision involving both private and public organizations.
    Perhaps the most important lesson we learnt during the charrette is how engaged and invested both the professional design community and the general public are about the future of this unique site. Ontario Place is a cultural asset that belongs to all Ontarians and public consultation and engagement need to play a leading role in setting the direction for its future and ensuring it is representative and reflective of our province’s diversity, ideals and dreams.
    We hope this design charrette and subsequent report act as a starting point for this discussion and make ourselves available to work with the Province, City and the public to ensure the future of Ontario Place is a shared one.
    Maria Denegri, OAA, FRAIC Chair, Toronto Society of Architects

    More information

  62. Rally for Ontario Place Presentation
    Author - Ken Greenberg
    Notes - Slide Presentation from Rally for Ontario Place
    More information

  63. Bitter green: It’s not just Ontario Place’s buildings that face an uncertain future
    Author - Dave LeBlanc
    Date - January 24, 2020
    Notes - Running blindly, gleefully, through the Punching Bag Forest – a creation of the “father of soft play” Eric McMillan – as my sweaty little face briefly stuck to the bags as they slapped me silly. And slowly, peacefully, gliding underneath Eb Zeidler’s five futuristic pods on smooth-as-glass water via candy-coloured paddleboat. That these two very different early memories of Ontario Place stand out in my mind is fitting: Ontario Place was both frenetic and utterly soothing, a place to dance and eat and have fun but also to meditate and get lost in nature. And much of that has to do with the work of landscape architect Michael Hough. Most Torontonians know Mr. Zeidler’s story: While working on McMaster Health Sciences Centre in 1968, he got an unexpected phone call about a new, Expo 67-like complex to be built on the CNE grounds. The building(s) would feature an exhibition trumpeting the province’s achievements in technology, industry and culture. Open this photo in gallery The Ontario Place canal system, seen circa 1972, was built along with two islands and a nature trail. ZEIDLER FAMILY Soon, the idea expanded to buildings across Lake Shore Boulevard, placed directly into Lake Ontario (the five “Pods”) along with an experimental movie theatre in a triodetic dome (the world’s first IMAX, the Cinesphere). When Mr. Zeidler realized 90 per cent of his budget would go to massive underwater foundations (to combat the lake’s powerful forces), he was disheartened … until a family vacation to the Bahamas illustrated how coral reefs create calm lagoons. So, by sinking three Great Lakes freighters to create a breakwater, Ontario Place could be born.
    More information

  64. They Designed Ontario Place
    Author - Peterborough Examiner
    Date - Saturday May 22, 1971
    Notes -

    News paper article in the Peterborough Examiner about Ontario Place

    Document - PeterboroughExaminer_22May1971

  65. Breaking The Building Mould
    Author - Pat Johnson
    Date - Tuesday May 26, 1970
    Page - 24
    Notes -

    Article in The Telegram about Ontario Place

    Document - The Telegram_26May1970

  66. The Future of Ontario Place: Towards an Inclusive Preservation Dialogue
    Author - Aziza Chaouni, William Greaves, and Javier Ors Ausín, Azure Magazine
    Date - 9 October 2020
    More information


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