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Davisville Junior Public School / Metropolitan Toronto School for the Deaf

LAST UPDATE: November 24 2020

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Photo courtesy of Vik Pahwa

Photo courtesy of Vik Pahwa

Name & Location
Davisville Junior Public School / Metropolitan Toronto School for the Deaf
43 Millwood Road
Mount Pleasant West, Toronto

Toronto District School Board

First Owner:
Toronto District School Board

Alternate names:
Spectrum Alternative School


Now on the National Trust for Canada´s Top Ten Endangered List, This single building houses two schools, which were twinned in September, 2002. Designed by architect Peter Pennington while working at Toronto District School Board under Frederick C Etherington, Chief Architect.

Davisville is one of 30 schools across Ontario to receive funds for complete rebuilds under a $498 million provincial capital funding announcement.

“The funding will allow Davisville to be totally rebuilt into a modern state-of-the-art school, with enough space for up to 728 students (up from its current 525)."

The planned replacement of Davisville Jr. Public School and Spectrum Alternative School near Yonge and Davisville will be designed by Snyder Architects Inc., with PMA Landscape Architects and Stephenson Engineering.


Year Destroyed:

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Current use:

No heritage status

Main Style:
Mid century expressionist   <--  More buildings in this style.



  1. School profile
    More information

  2. Davisville one of 30 Schools to be rebuilt under $500M
    Author - Louise Brown
    Date - November 9, 2015
    Notes - Article in Toronto Star announcing potential demolition of this important mid-century structure.
    More information

  3. Ontario Association of Architects Perspectives Magazine, 1994, V2
    Author - Monica Contreras OAA, Luigi Ferrara OAA MRAIC
    Date - 1994
    Page - 20-21
    Notes - Article describing the working relationship at the Toronto Board of Education between Frederick C. Etherington, Chief Architect and Chief designer Peter Pennington, Credits both for Davisville Public School.
    Document - OAA Perspectives Article
    More information

  4. Toronto Globe and Mail: Architects want to save Davisville school from chopping block
    Author - Dave Le Blanc
    Date - Feb 4 2016
    Notes - Visual artists see potential before the rest of us. They look past the decay and work required to make a neighbourhood habitable and just go with it. A few decades later, the rest of the city agrees and claims the area.

    While architects are also artist
    More information

  5. School Opening Program
    Author - TDSB
    Date - June 15, 1962
    Notes - Includes a summary of the programme for the Opening Ceremony of Davisville Public School and Metropolitan Toronto School for the Deaf
    Document - Davisville School

  6. City of Toronto Agenda Item
    Author - Mary Beth McTeague, Heritage Preservation Services
    Notes - You should find herein links to the Background Report, Photographs, Statement of Significance, and Heritage Evaluation, Statement of Significance attached here
    Document - 1ad3fa86238507878e8bd12ffe483f22.pdf
    More information

  7. Davisville Photos-HPS
    Author - HPS
    Date - June 2, 2016
    Notes - Part of Reasons for Intention to Designate Report
    Includes interior, exterior, and aerial photographs of the school.
    Document - 7fd516e0e7f67515281c801649b8b39f.pdf

  8. Davisville, Research and Evaluation
    Author - Heritage Preservation Services
    Date - June 2, 2016
    Notes - Background Research on the history of the site, importance of the architecture, interior details
    Document - c2c7f265e7286531f241da2ae810ad0e.pdf

  9. Statement of Significance (Reasons for Designation)
    Author - HPS
    Date - June 2016
    Notes - Statement of Significance, part of the Designation Report from Heritage Preservation Services to Toronto Preservation Board and Toronto Community Council. Report was deferred indefinitely at TEYCC.
    Document - Davisville Statement of Significance

  10. Davisville Public School/Metropolitan Toronto School for the Deaf: General Data
    Date - November 1962
    Notes - This document includes a summary of the proposal and planning of the school, the various components of the building, general construction details (such as materials, construction techniques, and heating, plumbing, and electrical details), project cost ana
    Document - Davisville School

  11. Davisville Jr. Public School Intent to Designate Presentation
    Author - Carol Kleinfeldt
    Date - June 14, 2016
    Page - 1-27
    Notes - This file includes a powerpoint presentation which proposes the designation of the school as having Heritage Value, and which proposes alternatives to the demolition of the building. It also includes proposed floor plans, 3D mock-ups, and a statement of t
    Document - Davisville School Intent to Designate Presentation

  12. Built Heritage News-On Failure to Designate
    Author - Catherine Nasmith Architect
    Date - July 11, 2016
    Notes - On Thursday June 2, the Toronto Preservation Board voted unanimously for designation of Davisville Public School. On June 14 Toronto East York Community Council voted to defer designation indefinitely, and made no provisions for any further discussions wi
    More information

  13. Text of Acorn Article-Fall 2016
    Author - Catherine Nasmith Architect
    Date - 2016
    Page - Page 26-27
    Notes - So how did such a fine building become the “most expensive to maintain” and a demolition candidate? Simply put, inadequate maintenance budgets combined with a provincial policy that favours new construction. At the core of the issue is that Ontario sc
    Document - Lessons from Davisville School, Text for Acorn Article,

  14. School´s Out
    Author - Alex Bozikovic
    Date - Feb 10, 2017
    Notes - Article outlining reasons for loss of Davisville Junior School in spite of its obvious architectural merit.
    Document - PDF version of Alex Bozikovic Article
    More information

  15. Vik Pahwa
    Notes - Photographic Images

  16. On Top Ten Endangered List National Trust for Canada
    Notes - National Trust for Canada announced June 8, 2017 that the Davisville Junior Public School is on its top ten list of endangered places in Canada, bringing national recognition to the significance and plight of the publicly owned building

    More information

  17. Davisville Jr. Public School Redevelopment
    Author - Urban Toronto
    More information


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