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Last Update: August 1 2017

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York Square
photo credit, courtesy of Richard Longley

At risk status:
This building is at risk

Redevelopment Proposal could destroy essence of early Diamond and Myers project

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Name & Location
York Square
148 Yorkville Avenue
Bloor-Yorkville, Toronto

Alternate names:
33-39 Avenue Road

At a time when urban renewal was the norm, this project was the first to incorporate older fabric into a new project. Designed by the new firm, Diamond and Myers, it set a new approach for marrying new and old in Toronto and around the world, Published internationally, in the U.S, Japan, and Europe, receiving 8 pages in Progressive Architecture. This complex was a finalist for a Massey Medal for Architecture in 1970. It is currently the subject of a redevelopment application, for a high rise condominium, by architects Zeidler Partnership, which proposes to save only the elevation at the corner of Avenue Road and Yorkville Avenue. Over 75% of the designated heritage attributes are destroyed, and what is left is ridiculed by the scale of the proposal. The building was designated in 2014.


Year Completed:


The following companies are associated with this building
  • Architect - Jack Diamond & Barton Myers
  • Developer - I.R. Wookey


Shopping centre

Current use:

Heritage property



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