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The Architectural Conservancy Ontario’s (ACO) involvement in preserving Toronto’s architectural heritage goes back to the founding of ACO in 1933, by Professor Eric Arthur of the University of Toronto and The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Eric Arthur wrote the seminal book on Toronto architecture, Toronto No Mean City. The ACO, based in Toronto but working across Ontario, was involved in early preservation issues in Toronto. ACO Toronto was established as a separate branch (Toronto Region Architectural Conservancy TRAC, later Toronto Architectural Conservancy TAC) in the same period as branches began to form in other parts of Ontario, beginning with Hamilton in 1960, followed by Port Hope in 1964. We remain one of the largest branches.

In the near future we hope to publish a long planned for book on Rosedale architecture, research undertaken in the 1970’s by volunteers Carolyn Neale, Kent Rawsin, Bill Moffet and others, but moth balled until 2013.

In recent years we has been involved in advocacy, research and publishing, including exhibitions on Queen West, research and advocacy around the Riverdale Hospital, Yonge Street and College Street. The first phase of College Street research was published in 2013. 2014 saw an exhibition entitled Smart Address on Toronto in the 1930’s, which was also published as a book by the same name. We advocated for and were successful in achieving designation for York Square, a seminal architectural project of 1968 at the corner of Avenue Road and Yorkville Avenue.

Our re-launching of TO Built as an open source database to ACO Toronto members marks a new electronic age for Toronto architectural researchers. We hope that consolidating community research will facilitate protection for future generations.


President: Catherine Nasmith (416) 598-4144

Treasurer: Janet Walters (416) 865-1833

Secretary: Adam Sobolak

Members at Large:
Elizabeth Bohnert
Penina Coopersmith
Linda Lewis
Peter Razgaitis
Lloyd Alter
Kathryn Rowles
Leah Walker
John Wilcox
Leslie Fritz
Gee Chung
The Flatiron Building

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